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Course Offering and Applications

All courses are taught in German, with the following exceptions:

International students applying to the five programs listed above have to demonstrate proficiency in the English language only. International students applying to any of the other courses offered by RWU must demonstrate proficiency in the German language. 


Students from non-EU countries applying to German-language bachelor's degree programs

Those applying to German-language bachelor's degree programs from non-EU countries must contact the Studienkolleg in Konstanz. The main task of this institution is the evaluation of foreign certificates and thus to decide whether an applicant is qualified to study at a university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule) in Baden-Württemberg.

If the foreign applicant's qualifications are recognized, the Studienkolleg translates the applicant's final grade from their home country to the German grading system and issues a certificate entitling the holder to admission to higher education. This certificate must be submitted together with the other application documents to the university where the applicant wishes to study.

If the Studienkolleg examines the educational documents from your home country and concludes that you do not yet qualify to study at a university of applied sciences in Baden-Württemberg, you will then be invited to take an admissions test. If you pass the test you will be admitted to the Studienkolleg, where you will spend two semesters preparing to study at a German university. At the end of the Studienkolleg program there is an examination ("Feststellungsprüfung" in German) which you must pass before being permitted to study in Germany. The Studienkolleg is free of charge.

The program at the Studienkolleg includes a German language course and a DSH (German Language Examination for University Entrance) test is part of the final examination (Feststellungsprüfung). Foreign applicants who are not required to spend two semesters preparing for German university at the Studienkolleg but do still have to certify their German language proficiency can also take the DSH test at the Studienkolleg.

At RWU, 8% of admissions to each degree program are reserved for students from non-EU countries.


Other Applicants

All other applicants, including:

  • Students from EU countries applying to German-language bachelor's degree programs
  • All international applicants to master's degree programs
  • All international applicants to the international "Electrical Engineering and Information Technology" bachelor's degree program

should apply directly to RWU. Please follow the instructions on the website to apply to the individual degree programs.

Applicants to master's degree programs must submit a certified copy of their undergraduate diploma and all supporting documentation. If these documents are not in German or English, a certified translation (German or English) must also be submitted.


Proof of German Language Proficiency

The same level of German language proficiency is required for both the German-language bachelor's as well as master's degree programs. The level required is:

  • Test DaF: average of at least TDN 4, with no individual grade below TDN 3
  • German Language Diploma from the Conference of State Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (DSD): Level 2

Other German language certificates may also be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please refer to the Studienkolleg website for questions about certificate equivalency and other related issues. If necessary, you can also contact the Studienkolleg directly.


Proof of English Language Proficiency

The English language proficiency requirements are as follows:

  • for the international Electrical Engineering and Information Technology bachelor's degree program: TOEFL iBT: 70 or higher, IELTS: Band 6.0 or higher
  • for the English-language Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering master's degree program: TOEFL iBT: 70 or higher, IELTS: Band 6.0 or higher

Other certificates may also be accepted on a case-by-case basis.


Contact: Fabienne Damasch, Admission Office