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Welcome and Orientation Program

The International Office organizes a five-day Welcome and Orientation Program for new international students. This programme helps students not only to fight through bureaucracy, but also to become familiar with the city and the region.

Within the framework of this programme, all important formalities such as enrolment, registration with the residents' registration office, opening a bank account and concluding a health insurance contract are handled jointly. There are also visits and excursions where students can get to know their new surroundings, but also the staff of the university and each other.  

Experience has shown that the Welcome and Orientation Programme makes a significant contribution to a smooth start at our university. Participation is therefore strongly recommended for foreign students. Unfortunately, foreign students who come to the university later cannot be supported in the same way.  
The Welcome and Orientation Programme for the winter semester takes place three weeks before the lectures begin. Normally, this is the second week of September. The remaining two weeks in September are reserved for the intensive German course.  

The Welcome and Orientation Program for the summer semester takes place in the first week of March. The remaining days before the beginning of the semester are reserved for the Intensive German Course.

Programs for the last and next Welcome Week can be found in the download area below. There you will also find our Welcome Brochure, which contains detailed information about studying and living in Weingarten. The brochure is updated before the beginning of each semester. New international students will receive a printed version upon arrival.