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Ranking of the magazine Wirtschaftswoche

Business informatics among the top ten again

Wirtschaftsinformatik in den Top Ten des Rankings der Wirtschaftswoche.
Wirtschaftsinformatiker sind gefragt am Arbeitsmarkt. Die Absolventinnen und Absolventen dieses Fachbereichs an der Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten schneiden im aktuellen Ranking der Zeitschrift Wirtschaftswoche außerordentlich gut ab und landen bundesweit in den Top Ten.
Otto Pfefferkorn

University rankings generally look at higher education institutions from the students' perspective. Wirtschaftswoche magazine, on the other hand, put on the corporate glasses for its list of the best and asked more than 500 HR managers which universities they prefer to recruit graduates from. In the current study, the "Business Informatics" department at the Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences was ranked in the top ten nationwide, as was the case last year. The total of four study courses offered at the University of Applied Sciences in Weingarten under the umbrella of Business Informatics ranked tenth in 2019.

"Considering that the universities in the big cities are more in focus, the success of business informatics in Weingarten can be rated even higher," says Professor Dr. Thomas Spägele, Rector of the University of Applied Sciences in Weingarten.

Optimal entry into professional life

In order to prepare students for the job market, it is necessary to know its requirements. "All our professors come from professional practice," says Professor Dr. Heidi Reichle, Dean of the Business Information Systems course plus teaching profession. "And in addition, we have a large number of lecturers who work directly with our students on questions from their immediate everyday professional lives.

All three Bachelor's degrees in business informatics qualify students for a profession. A further Master's course rounds off the range in Weingarten.

Katharina Koppenhöfer