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Variations of dumplings

International cookbook

Das Maultaschenkochbuch aufgeschlagen auf der Seite mit dem mexikanischen Rezept.
Von Momos, Empanadas bis Tortellini: In unserem Maultaschen-Kochbuch finden sich internationale Variationen der schwäbischen Maultasche.
Ute Nagel

"Rural Base - Global Face" is the motto of Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences. And indeed, this simultaneity of regionality and globality can be seen in many places: The majority of the students come from the Lake Constance-Upper Swabia region. On the other hand, foreign students come from a total of 75 countries. And if one takes the connection of the university to regional companies and institutions into account, a close look reveals that these are active on all continents.

There is also a fixed date in the autumn in Weingarten's university calendar, the so-called "International Day". On this day, foreign students cook for their fellow students, and in the entry hall of the main building, meals from almost all over the world are offered. This beautiful custom gave rise to the idea that the university motto could be translated into culinary terms. And it quickly became clear that the "Rural Base", the Upper Swabian identity so to speak, was the Maultasche. And it now meets its global relatives, Momos, Empanadas and Jiao Tsi, Pelmeni, Tortellini and many more.

All the cooking sessions resulted in many beautiful photos and fine recipes and finally a book with the title "Same same but different" was published.

The cookbook is available from Ms Marion Hanny in the main building, Room H 145/2, for 10 euros.


Christoph Oldenkotte