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Minister of Science Theresia Bauer

System change in dealing with the pandemic

Ministerin Theresia Bauer

Dear all,

After three semesters of online learning, it is time to return to campus.

Throughout the pandemic, staff and students alike have come together in an inspiring display of solidarity to ensure that learning can continue. I would like to once again extend my deepest thanks to everyone who has made this possible through their dedication, passion and hard work.

However, one thing has been sadly absent during these last weeks and months - personal connection. I have met with many students who have confirmed time and again that they miss the class discussions, lively debates, study groups, sports clubs, shared meals and parties that make student life so unique.

That is why we must together start working towards the future. At the beginning of July, we put into place the legal framework that would allow higher education institutions to plan for a winter semester that would largely return to on-campus learning, supplemented by online courses. I would like to thank everyone who has so enthusiastically stepped up to help us with this challenging but important work.

I know that we all want to safely return to campus as soon as possible. The coming semester will provide a new quality of student life, personal connection and on-campus learning. This will be further spurred on by a nationwide system change that is expected to take place in mid-September. This will see restrictions ease for people who can show that they have been vaccinated, have recovered or have tested negative. By the time this change comes into force, every person eligible to be vaccinated will have had the opportunity to do so.

I therefore appeal to you once more: please go and get vaccinated. Help us to ensure that rising case numbers will not force us back behind computer screens. And because we expect to return to campus next semester, I would like to make a further appeal to you: Please come back to campus, take advantage of the on-campus activities and offers from the student service organisations, particularly the student halls of residence. Help us make the higher education institutions the lively places they once were! Everything is in place to ensure that we can return to campus safely and responsibly, despite the pandemic.

I wish you an enjoyable and relaxing summer and look forward to seeing you all on campus once again.

Yours sincerely,

Theresia Bauer MdL

Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst