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Press release

Renovation work at the RWU

Gebäude H Visualisierung

Neues Gewand für 2023. Der Labortrakt der RWU wird saniert. Die Visualisierung zeigt die geplante Neugestaltung der Gebäudefassade.

Weingarten - Renovation and modernization work has begun on the laboratory and workshop building at Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences (RWU). The construction measures include, among other things, the energy-related renovation and redesign of the facades, the renewal of the lighting and the building installations. The ventilation system is also being modernized.

The renovation of the workshops and laboratories is the largest construction project at RWU in the last 20 years. The costs amount to around 12.2 million euros and are being borne by the state of Baden-Württemberg. The Ravensburg Office for Property and Construction is responsible for the construction measures.

Students benefit from the renovation

Together with the Office of Property and Construction, they have successfully invested in the future of both students and the university, says Henning Rudewig, RWU's chancellor. "First and foremost, our students will benefit from the renovation. But in addition to practical training, it will secure research in our laboratories and workshops for the future."

"We also regard the state's investment as a commitment to Weingarten as a university location and thus also as recognition of our work," says Henning Rudewig. "By training young people, we make a contribution to society that radiates far beyond the region."

A communicative atmosphere

The workshop and laboratory wing is part of the university's main building. In addition to the technical renovations, which include an increase in the building's height and an optimized steel structure, emphasis was also placed on the design of the interior spaces. "The entire interior will benefit from bright and open spaces as a result of the conversion. The building will take on a communicative character," says Hermann Zettler, head of the Ravensburg Office of Property and Construction.

Regarding accessibility, the interior will be brought up to the latest standards. "A lot has changed in this area since the building was first built," says Hermann Zettler. "To meet current standards, we are adapting the floor coverings, the guidance system and the lighting."

Renovation work during operation

It was a particular challenge to integrate the renovations into ongoing operations, says Tillmann Pfaue, head of technical operations at RWU. "Offices and workshops can be relocated for a short time, but the laboratories and their equipment cannot." Their continuous operability, however, is assured, he says.

In order to minimize disruptions to overall teaching and learning at the university, construction work will take place primarily during specific time windows, such as the lecture-free period. The renovation is scheduled to be completed in September 2023.

Text: Michael Pfeiffer