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Press release

State gives universities planning security until 2025

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All 21 rectors and presidents of the state universities of applied sciences signed the Higher Education Funding Agreement II (HoFV II) today. Above all, this agreement gives the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) significantly more planning security and is an expression of the recognition of its achievements in recent years and the importance of UAS, its teaching, research and transfer to master the enormous future challenges.

In a joint effort and in addition to the Corona crisis management, all types of higher education institutions were able to reach an agreement with the Ministry of Finance and Science on the future financial framework for the next five years. The agreement was digitally signed today by the rectors and presidents of the universities and can thus enter into force on 1 January 2021.

Recognition for the work carried out in establishing and expanding the universities and strengthening future tasks

The Higher Education Agreement II is not only a recognition of the development and expansion work of the universities in recent years. The financial support provided by the state also means securing and strengthening urgent future tasks at all universities: Thus, through their teaching and research, universities ensure that their graduates have the specialist knowledge, skills and key qualifications to enable them to act professionally to meet the enormous challenges in the economy and society, such as the digitisation of all areas of life and the consequences of climate change.

"The conclusion of the funding agreement is a clear signal to society and our economy that the universities will remain capable of acting for the benefit of the country even after the crisis and can make their important contribution to the competitiveness of our economy", explains Bastian Kaiser, Chairman of the UAS Rectors' Conference.

For UAS, the Higher Education Funding Agreement II means concretely

  • the permanent safeguarding of services previously financed on a temporary basis,
  • dynamisation of basic financing by a total of 3 percent per year, to cushion the development of inflation and to include and absorb rising personnel costs,
  • annual additional funding of around EUR 17 million in 2021, rising to around EUR 25.4 million in 2025.

Although UAS had hoped for more, especially for the subsequent upgrading of their infrastructure and its further development, they would like to thank the state government explicitly for this clear signal.

This result is also an important success in terms of state policy against the background of the current corona crisis: science, research, culture and university teaching are important sources of impetus in the state and in the regions. They will be needed even more after the crisis than they already are - this has also become clear after the 2008 financial crisis.

"Our express thanks also go to the members of almost all parliamentary groups in the Baden-Württemberg State Parliament, with whom we are engaged in an open and constructive exchange," said Benjamin Peschke, Managing Director of the Rectors' Conference.

This exchange, the UAS Board of Directors suspects, has contributed significantly to a better perception of UAS, its achievements and its importance.

Press release of the Rectors' Conference of the Universities of Applied Sciences in Baden-Württemberg