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Courses & Registration

Studierende im Unterricht

    Our interdisciplinary language course program covers the following courses:

    • Professional English as compulsory courses
    • Language courses in English and other languages as electives
    • German as a foreign language for international students
    • Intecultural Communication seminars as electives

    Not only RWU students may participate in courses offered by CLIC, but also students from the University of Education Weingarten as well as external guest students.

    The CLIC language lecturers are almost exclusively native speakers. If a language is spoken in multiple parts of the world, as it is especially the case with English and Spanish, CLIC strives to offer a large variety of accents and dialects. Our English teachers are originally from Great Britain, Ireland, the US, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, the lecturers for Spanish come from Spain as well as Latin America.

    Studierende im Sprachunterricht.

    Foreign Languages as Elective Courses

    For more information about the CLIC language program please see  My Campus (LSF).

    With the exception of English, not every language is offered as a beginners' course each semester. Please have a look at My Campus (LSF) to find out in which terms your preferred course is offered.

    We highly recommend to allow for at least three to four semesters for learning a new language. Skills on levels A2 to B1 (according to CEFR) are generally needed to communicate reasonably and effectively in a foreign language.

    If you already have skills in a certain language (e.g. 4-5 years of French/Italian/Spanish at school),  it is possible to start at a higher course level. To find the adequate course respectively level, please read the course descriptions in LSF or ask CLIC for help. If you aren't sure about your current level, you can take a quick placement test here. Some Language Publishers also provide online placement tests for free.

    For more information about the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and its implementation at RWU, please click here.

    Studierende im Intercultural Sensitization Seminar.

    German as a Foreign Language

    For international students, CLIC offeres intensive courses prior to the start of lectures as well as follow-up courses during the semester. There is compulsory attendance for both, the intensive as well as the follow-up courses.  For more information about the German as a Foreign Language program, please see  My Campus (LSF).

    Intensive courses in the winter semester:

    In the winter term, intensive courses start two weeks before lectures begin, with a total of 50 lessons.

    Intensive courses in the summer semester:

    In the summer term, intensive courses start one week before of lectures begin, with a total of 35 lessons.


    Zwei Leiter des Intercultural Sensitization Seminars.

    Intercultural Communication Seminars

    The following seminar on intercultural communication is offered on a regular basis:

    Intercultural Sensitization: In one weekend, students of all fields and nationalities take a closer look at interculturality.

    Please see My Campus (LSF) for the seminars that are currently on offer.




    Guest Students

    If you are not registered as a student at RWU, but would like to register for the CLIC courses, you are requested to fill in and sign the application form for guest students and send it to CLIC.  Your guest student status is valid for one semester.

    If your desired course is fully occupied by regular RWU students, your application cannot be accepted.

    Guest Student Fee

    The guest student fee depends on the number of lessons you wish to participate in. A lesson consists of 45 minutes.

    Up to 4 lessons per week: 180,00€
    From 5 to 8 lessons per week: 340,00€

    How do I apply as a guest student?

    You can download the application form here. For more information, please contact CLIC.

    As soon as your application has been accepted, you will receive a notification of tuition fees and a guest student ID card valid for one semester, sent out by the RWU student administration office. Additional information about your selected course such as required textbooks, directions, and details about the seminar room are sent to you via email by CLIC in due time. If you take part in the respective exam (usually a portfolio or an exam at the end of the semester), you will receive a certificate of attendance by mail.


    Course registrations are effected via My Campus (LSF). By enrolling at the RWU you get a university user account needed to register on LSF. Deregistering from a course is carried out via LSF as well.

    There are specified registration periods for all language courses on My Campus (LSF). Within this period of time you can register for the courses. Registrations at a later date are only possible in consultation with CLIC.

    In order to ensure that a course takes place (minimum number of participants: 10), please register in due time.

    Registration for exams

    Exam registration for CLIC elective courses  is not, compared with exam registration for compulsory courses within a study program, effected via LSF but via the QM portal. To get there, go to LSF and click "Studienverlauf, MySPO, Vertiefungsrichtung wählen ...", which can be found under My Functions. Enter your RWU login details (the same ones used for LSF, webmail etc.) into the newly opened window and click Login. From here, navigate to the interface for elective course registration.

    Contact & People

    General contact details

    Professional English
    Deutsch als Fremdsprache/German as a foreign language
    On campus
    Building C
    Leibnizstr. 11
    88250 Weingarten
    Postal address RWU Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten
    University of Applied Sciences
    P.O. Box 30 22
    88216 Weingarten

    Head of Department

    Dipl.-Soz. Wiss. Fabienne Ronssin

    Leiterin Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication
    Fabienne Ronssin


    Dolores Müller

    Koordinatorin/Coordinator CLIC Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication, Webredakteurin, Brandschutzhelferin

    Professional English

    Monja de Silva M.A.

    Lektorin für Englisch / Lecturer for English

    Bryan Conner

    Lektor für Englisch / Lecturer for English

    Jessica Hanisch

    Lektorin für Englisch / Lecturer for English

    German as a foreign language

    Hanna Hüttche-Szura M.A.

    Lektorin Deutsch als Fremdsprache / Lecturer German as a foreign language
    Hanna Hüttche-Szura