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Placement tests & Language Skill Assessments

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Dennis Welge

Assessment of English Language Skills

For obtaining an assessment of your English skills by RWU, you need to complete two tests: First, the Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT) examines your reading, writing and listening skills. Herefore, please register for a testing date in LSF course 4849 Assessment of English Language Skills - English Placement Tests at least two days before the exam. Please note that there won't be any testing dates in august. You need a valid RWU user account to take the test. More information about the OOPT can be found here.

The assessment's second part consits of a 10 to 15 minute long conversation in English in order to judge your speaking abilites. The conversation will take place upon collection of your OOPT certificate. Therefore, please visit Dolores Müller in room C 025 during her office hours (currently: tuesday, wednesday and thursday, 9 am - 12 pm).

Your test results are valid for 18 months. You may repeat the test after 12 months.

Assessments in other languages

If you need a skill assessment for any other language offered by CLIC, you will also need to do a placement exam. Your grammar and vocabulary is tested online, whereas speaking and listeninig is evaluated by a lecturer of the language.

To arrange a date for your exam, please contact CLIC.

Online Placement Tests

You might be unsure about what advanced language course to take. If so, you can do a free online placement test at Altough the website is in German, the tests themselves are done in the target language. 

The 15 minute long tests will help you to better estimate your skill level in order to choose a suiting course at CLIC.

Please note: The test exercises are time limited, so reading the question and possible answers for listening comprehension tasks first before listening to the audio is recommended. For reading and writing tasks, the time will start as soon as the exercise appears on your screen.