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Mobility & Living

Campus im Herbst.


As a RWU student, you automatically pay a solidarity contribution through the re-registration fee, which entitles you to

  • Monday to Friday from 6 pm,
  • Saturday from 16 o'clock as well as
  • on Sundays and public holidays and 24 and 31 December all day,

on presentation of your valid student ID and photo ID, to use all buses and trams in the entire area (except the trains of DB Fernverkehr IC/EC).


You can purchase a StudiTicket for any number of trips by bus and train in the Verbund area. This ticket is available upon presentation of a valid student ID and photo ID. All further information on the StudiTicket and other ticket options can be found on the Bodensee-Oberschwaben Verkehrsverbund (bodo) website:

Directions & Campus Map

You can find more information on how to get there by bus, train or car under Kontakt & Anfahrt. On our extensive campus it is also a great idea to come by bike.


Campus im Herbst.


If you are looking for an apartment, you should apply to organisations that run the residential complexes in Weingarten and Ravensburg.

Alternatively, you can search the private housing market for a room/WG room:

  •     via websites (e.g.,,,
  •     the daily and weekly newspapers of the area (Schwäbische Zeitung, Wochenblatt, Südfinder) or
  •     the bulletin boards in the student residences and in the main building of the university.

Residential complexes in Weingarten:

  •     Briachstr.10, responsible body: Studentenwerk Weiße Rose, info sheet for exchange students
  •     Briachstr. 2, Sponsor: Studentwerk Weiße Rose, Info Sheet for Exchange Students
  •     Lazarettstraße, Sponsor: Studentenwerk Seezeit

Residential complexes in Ravensburg:

  •     Seestraße, Bearer: Studentenwerk Seezeit
  •     Tettnanger Straße, Sponsor: Studentenwerk Seezeit
  •     Weingartshof, Sponsor: Studentenwerk Seezeit
  •     Henri-Dunant-Straße, Bearer: Studentenwerk Weiße Rose

Seezeit Studierendenwerk Bodensee:
Seezeit Studierendenwerk Bodensee operates a residential complex in Weingarten and two residential complexes in Ravensburg. Further information on the housing complexes and the application procedure can be found on the website

Residential complex Lazarettstraße, Weingarten:
204 bed places, shared flats for 4, 5 and 6 persons
Residential complex Tettnanger Straße, Ravensburg (district Weingartshof, Südstadt):
95 bed places, shared flats for 8 persons
Residential complex Weingartshof, Ravensburg (district Weingartshof, Südstadt):
74 bed places, shared flats for 2, 3, 4 and 5 persons.

Seezeit Studierendenwerk Bodensee
Student housing
Universitätsstraße 10
78464 Konstanz

Student Union Weiße Rose e. V.
Halls of residence "Campus Weiße Rose"
Briachstr. 2+10
88250 Weingarten

Information is available at
Contact: - Applications please only in writing