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Production measurement and testing technology

FMT -Prüfplanung
    Profile & Equipment

    Profile & Equipment

    Production measurement technology forms the basis of quality assurance and provides test data for assessing the quality of products and processes. An important sub-area is the measurement of length, angle, shape and surface, i.e. the measurement of the geometry of workpieces. In the laboratory you can acquire and deepen basic knowledge through practical tasks in the field of production-related measuring and testing.


    You can use the following test equipment in the Production Measurement and Testing Technology Laboratory

    • SPC software for creating inspection plans and statistical process control using quality control charts
    • Hand-held measuring equipment (e.g. calipers, micrometers, ...)
    • Manual testing equipment (e.g. gauge blocks, limit plug gauges, limit language gauges, ...)
    • Height gauge with measuring plate
    • Roundness measuring device for checking the shape and position of rotationally symmetrical workpieces
    • Surface measuring device for determining surface parameters
    • Articulated arm coordinate measuring machine with scanning mode
    • Multisensor coordinate measuring machine with optical and tactile sensors
    • 3D digitizing system with rotary table for digitizing complex free-form surfaces by means of strip projection
    • Multipoint measurement technology with inductive probes

    Contact & People

    General contact details

    Room D 033
    On campus
    Building D
    Leibnizstr. 9
    88250 Weingarten
    Postal address RWU Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten
    University of Applied Sciences
    Production measurement and testing technology
    P.O. Box 30 22
    88216 Weingarten

    Laboratory manager

    Laboratory team

    Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Michael Brilisauer M.Sc.

    Zerspantechnik und Steuerungstechnik für Werkzeugmaschinen Fakultäts-Administrator für Server und DV-Pool

    Guido Schmid

    Labormeister, Technischer Angestellter
    Fertigungstechnik, Fertigungsmesstechnik
    Guido Schmid